Our Board

Joan Campbell

Interim President - March 2018

Email: president@bc-counsellors.org

Lida Izadi

Chair of Member Services

Email: memberserviceschair@bc-counsellors.org

Jane Goranson-Coleman

Chair of Inquiry

Email: inquirychair@bc-counsellors.org

Shenaz Hanif Shahban

Chair of Ethics and Standards

Email: ethicschair@bc-counsellors.org

Merry Miller

Chair of Continuing Competency and Treasurer

Email: continuingcompetencychair@bc-counsellors.org

Anita Melin

Chair of Registration

Email: registrationchair@bc-counsellors.org

Rebecca Scott

Region 1 Vice President

Email: region1vp@bc-counsellors.org

John Fraser

Region 2 Vice President

Email: region2vp@bc-counsellors.org

Kevin Ward

Region 3 Vice President

Email: region3vp@bc-counsellors.org

Deborah Braun

Region 4 Vice President

Email: region4vp@bc-counsellors.org

Carolynn Turner

Region 5 Vice President

Email: region5vp@bc-counsellors.org

Clive Perraton-Mountford

Region 6 Vice President

Email: region6vp@bc-counsellors.org