Good practice

We aspire to “good practice”, but what is it?

  • Different theoretical understandings support different answers.
  • Recipe for an argument: Take one traditionally trained psychoanalyst, put them in the same room as an authentically trained person-centered counsellor, ask about transference…

Ethical practice

We aspire to “ethical practice”.

  • For another good argument, take two moral philosophers… Come back some centuries later.

Authentic practice

Authenticity is crucial, but it is deeply personal and phenomenological.


How about law? Isn’t that clear, and precise, and “objective”?

  • Disagreements at law involve combating lawyers, a referee, and libraries of old scorecards.

The Workshop:

We will expand upon the proposition this workshop rests on, namely ‘under-definition’. Given under-definition, What to do?

Knowing where to seek input and support is always important, as is the readiness to seek it, but that only goes so far. Only one person can act, and that means only one person has the crucial choice or decision to make. How are the choices and decisions to be made?

We assert that human beings are neither brains-on-sticks nor bundles of quivering emotions and feelings: humans are, at least in potential, both. Experiential Focusing and Process-Experiential Psychotherapy (Emotion Focused Therapy) are vehicles for bringing our attention to that reality and for helping us to access and synthesis both sources of knowing. The team will offer a brief, very brief exploration of these assertions.

We will then begin to explore pre-determined ‘difficult questions and events’ using experiential role play, using what is known, and using what is felt and experienced in a bodily way. We will discuss and critique. We will continue to explore. We will talk through questions arising.

All will take place with the active participation of all. This will not be a workshop for voyeurs. There will be no PowerPoint. There will be conversation.There will be exposition.

Precisely what this journey will look like on this day, we cannot say and would not wish to say. It will depend upon those we are journeying with. Clive has enough material to keep us engaged for a week, and the topic is vast.

Who would find this workshop interesting/engaging/ helpful?

Anyone interested in a critical, reflective approach to decision making for counsellors and other helping professionals.

Session Information:

Date:               Saturday, May 27, 2017
Time:               10:00 AM – 4:00pm (Registration begins at 9:30am)
Address:         Seniors’ Community Centre, Desert Gardens, 540 Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2G9