Parksville, BC 

At the March 2017 Region 1 Regional Meeting, Fran Ferguson, MEd. RCC will introduce you to Internal Family Systems, a recently developed and very successful evidence-based therapeutic model in which the “Parts” of a person – one’s sub personalities – form an internal family that can be approached therapeutically just like an external family.

Facilitating clear, open, non-judgmental communication with compassion and loving kindness can heal deeply wounded Parts.

What You Will Learn

The workshop will have both a didactic section and an experiential section in which the basic concepts of the model are explained and then role played by the leader and participants. The concept of the Core Self and its relationship to Parts will be explored. The stages and challenges of IFS therapy will be described using case histories of clients. Through the use of role play, the use of IFS language will be practiced. IFS language can be successfully used with a client to significantly lessen depression and anxiety. Role plays can be based on hypothetical or actual clinical situations.

Session Information:

Date:               March 29, 2017
Time:              6:00pm – 8:30pm
Address:        Parksville Community Conference Centre, Red Cedars Room, 132 Jensen Avenue, E. Parksville, BC V9P 2H2