Region 5 Workshop- Langley, BC

A One Day Overview of “The Circle of Strength”- From Blame to Balance: Understanding Human Behaviour

Presented by Shelley Brierley, M. Ed, CCC, RCC, RTC, HTC

Whether a novice or a seasoned counselling therapist, the ability to self-evaluate; identifying skill sets and strategies that maximize proficiency and effectiveness with specific clients is critical, part of an ongoing process that can be hit or miss.This presentation will give you a “lay of the land” regarding human interactions. Regardless of the modality you utilize, the information provided in this workshop will outline skills and strategies which have consistently been shown to enhance one’s practice.

Following this presentation, you will possess a mental map from which to assess behavioural patterns, allowing you to see intervention points, create and anchor strong connections with clients which in turn allow you to facilitate their growth and development.

What you will learn:

Skills to enhance your own process; many of which can easily be incorporated into your work with clients or taught to empower them in taking control of their lives:

  • A new way to think about all behaviour.
  • Positive Future Framing: a questioning technique having clients clarify their target outcomes.
  • A questioning format to start and close a session, creating continuity.
  • A new way to think about where to intervene to assist clients with multiple issues.
  • Specific strategies to create and anchor strong connections with clients.
  • To recognize & validate skills & strategies already in your toolkit; when and where to use them to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Recognize the roles which, when developed, will assist you in staying balanced in the face of conflict.
  • A means of understanding human behaviour and interactions.
  • To identify the “big picture” frame, a systems perspective, from which to consider conflict:
    • Three angles from which to consider Peace & Conflict.
    • Two primary patterns of behaviour clients use to cope with conflict.
  • To identify the “zoomed in” frame, using a micro focus, to consider conflict. Three key roles & behavioural patterns used in conflict, when off balance:
    •  Ability to recognize how people get caught in another’s drama.
    • Specific phrases & skill sets to cope effectively when in conflict.
    • To identify skills & strategies useful in diffusing conflict within the self & with others.
  • Key roles & behavioural patterns used to create and invite balanced, peaceful interchanges:
    • Specific skills & strategies reflective of more peaceful interactions.
    • To recognize skills, phrases and strategies which invite and encourage individuals to disengage from another’s dysfunctional interaction, claiming control of their behaviour.

Shelley will demonstrate the above through role play demonstration, activities, and interactive dialogue with participants. Incorporating the skills and principles of The Circle of Strength™ it will allow you to stay centered, balanced, consistent in being, “the person you want to be”, at peace with yourself, which of course enhances your ability to support your clients toward the same.

Session Information:

Date:               April 8, 2017
Time:               9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (8:30am for registration, networking, and morning refreshments)
Address:         Langley Senior Centre, 20605 – 51 B Ave. Langley, BC V3A 9H1. Parking is free.


Members:                 $60.00 plus GST
Non Members:        $75.00 plus GST (Non-member health professionals)
Students:                  $70.00 plus GST

All materials, morning refreshments and lunch are included in the cost and participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2017