Mindful Parenting presented by Joelle Lazar, RCC

Mindful Parenting is a way of being kind and curious with our present moment parenting experience, and then making the best parenting choices.

There isn’t a parent on the planet who has never reacted in anger or withdrawn and regretted it.

Mindful Parenting helps us to step back from our emotional reactions, have compassion for ourselves, and deepen our understanding of the source of our reactive patterns.

In this workshop Joelle shares her experience teaching Mindfulness to children and families, and explores how she has integrated mindfulness, emotional regulation, and social thinking curriculum into a multi-sensory program for children, including those on the Autism Spectrum.

What you will learn:

  • Highlights from the research on the impact of stress on parents, and how mindfulness can help.
  • How mindfulness can help parents to slow down, and provide their child with nurturing that strengthens their bond.
  • Strategies to help parents detach from their own emotional reactions, and help their child calm down, connect, and make helpful choices.
  • Highlights from Joelle’s Therapeutic Yoga for Children with Special Needs/Autism program.

Session Information:

Date:               September 19, 2017
Time:              7:00 PM– 8:30 PM
Address:        Adler University, Community Hall 2nd Floor, 520 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3J5.

*This venue is scent free, wheelchair accessible, and equipped with gender neutral washrooms.*

About the Presenter:

Joelle Lazar is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Yoga Therapist, and mother of two children, one whom is on the Autism Spectrum. She has practiced Vipassana meditation for many years, and facilitated mindfulness workshops to participants with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Understanding how our neurobiology is shaped by early attachment relationships and how it shapes our quality of connection throughout the life span, Joelle supports individuals, children, couples, and families in fostering attuned, loving bonds. Dedicated to the life-long practice of mindfulness, she facilitates mindfulness workshops that stimulate multisensory awareness and promotes emotion regulation skills tailored to meet appropriate developmental needs. Joelle maintains a private practice in Vancouver, BC, and remotely.