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Appreciating Our Stars – BCACC Volunteers

Appreciating Our Stars – BCACC Volunteers

by Marci Zoretich



That is the number of hours a year that our members devote to volunteering with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  Combined, these 90+ people provide the equivalent of 541 days of service in a 365 day calendar year.

I have heard that choosing counselling as a profession is more of a “calling” than a choice.  By nature, counsellors have charitable hearts that see a hand extended in need and step in to grab it. We could not be more thankful that they do.  BCACC member volunteers affect almost every aspect of the association.

They work on committees devoted to the protection of the public and the upholding of our code of ethical conduct.

They review applications for registration with BCACC.

They sit on the BCACC Board of Directors and engage in planning sessions for the association.

They brainstorm and advise on content for our communications tools.

They facilitate workshops and use their own professional affiliations to bring the membership great resources.

They share their experience and knowledge through writing, mentoring and public presentations.

And they network with other professional associations on important issues like the pursuit of a College of Counselling Therapists.

Some of our volunteers have worked with our association for more than 20 years. Our volunteers work hard for this association because they believe that providing safe and ethical counselling to the public is an important and necessary endeavour.  They are here to promote the profession of counselling, to ensure that counsellors are accountable and up to date in their practices and to provide a measure of security for the public using counselling services.


People are motivated to volunteer for different reasons.  I have heard some of our members talk about their desire to give back to the counselling community after many years of private practice.  I have heard new counsellors enthusiastic to volunteer as a way to grow their network and their peer support systems.  I have spoken to counsellors who are concerned with the promotion of their profession and who want to be agents of change when it comes to being recognized at a collegial level.

I have also heard from Registered Clinical Counsellors who wish to volunteer their professional services to the community at large.  Some provide pro bono counselling or are part of initiatives like the Disaster Psychosocial Program.  These counsellors do important work to ensure the mental health of their communities.


I am motivated by the examples being set by our devoted volunteers. I am inspired to facilitate the forward growth of our association because of the time and effort put in by these counsellors.

And I am hopeful that other members of our association will also be inspired to step in and volunteer.

We are thankful, BCACC volunteers, for the 13,000 hours you have devoted in the last year alone to this association.

Thank you for your commitment, motivation and dedication to your profession.

Your work is important, appreciated and valuable.



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