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A Call to Action from FACT BC

This week an important email was sent to all members of the associations belonging to the Federation of Associations for Counselling Therapists in BC (FACTBC)


Dear BCACC Member,

In our continued effort to seek a firm commitment from government to establish a College of Counselling Therapists, we are now asking for your help.  We want to make sure the Health Minister knows that British Columbians support our request.

We are asking you to take a minute to email your local MLA, and let them know you support FACTBC and the request for a College of Counselling Therapists within the next thirty days.

You can find out who your MLA is by entering your postal code HERE

MLA email addresses follow this format

Rather than sending a form email, which can be easy for politicians to ignore, we’ve listed some salient points to help you write your own email. There’s no need to write a lot of words, just a brief email explaining who you are and why you think government should establish a College of Counselling Therapists.

Some points to mention:

  • The College of Counselling Therapists will protect British Columbians, and provide them with assurances counsellors are competent
  • The College will provide disciplinary and complaint procedures for patients
  • The College will not cost taxpayers anything
  • The College has broad support from almost all professional associations in BC
  • Many other Canadian provinces have already done this, or are in the process of doing this, along with all 50 states in the US.

Be sure to conclude by asking for your MLAs to ask the Health Minister to commit to establishing a College of Counselling Therapists.

Please CC FACTBC Lobby Coordinator John Gawthrop at so we can keep track of our efforts.

We will be providing you with ongoing updates as we shift into a public advocacy role. In the meantime, please check out for more info.

Together we can do this!



For more information on the statutory regulation of counselling and psychotherapy in Canada, please read this document prepared by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Statutory Regulation in Canada

May 2016
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