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Counsellor Cafe – Chronic Pain Epidemic Members Only
February 19, 2020 Main Floor Lounge, 1246 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC, V8V 3B5 (street parking available). 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM No cost. Open to BCACC members only

Region 2 Counsellor Café- Victoria

Chronic Pain Epidemic – The role of counselling in the face of the modern understanding of pain


Presented by Tania Suzuki Pichler Castilho, RCC



In history, we have never had so much medical and pharmacological apparatus to treat issues in the tissues, and yet we have never had so much disability caused by chronic pain.

The silver line in this context is that, it is also the first time in history, where mainstream neuroscience is finally confirming what psychologists, counsellors and body workers have seen in their practice for a long time: Pain depends on context. Pain is produced by the brain based on the brain’s understanding that the body needs protection. And there is much more to be done for pain than “fixing” the state of the tissues.

This is where counsellors can have a crucial role.

What you will learn:

Our culture has been increasingly bombarding us with messages saying that our body is fragile and needs protection. All the way from advertisement saying things like “don’t run on uneven ground, unless it’s with the shoes we sell”, to health care providers insisting that we need to be constantly vigilant with our posture and movements.

In this workshop, Tania invites you to reflect together on what is the role as clinical counsellors and body workers in the social context of chronic pain as well as in helping individual clients in their offices.

Expanding on the recent talk at the November 2019 Café this time participants will learn about:

  • the modern science of pain and the importance of agency
  • the 7 dimensions of context where we can take control and promote agency

Session Information:

Date:            Wednesday February 19, 2020
Time:           7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Address:      Main Floor Lounge, 1246 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC, V8V 3B5 (corner of Harbinger and Fairfield, North side, old Tudor style building). Street parking available.

Cost:        No Cost. Open to BCACC Members only.


To assist us in providing a comfortable space for you, pre-registration is appreciated. Should you encounter a problem with registering, please contact Janine Toombs at for assistance.


About the Presenter:

Tania Suzuki Pichler Castilho is a Psychologist in Brazil and RCC in Canada. She has been working with body-mind techniques for more than 25 years. Her background includes working at the pain program at CBI downtown Victoria for the past 4+ years. Tania has a private practice at Remedy Wellness Centre. She is now a level 2 AEDP therapist. She holds a Master’s degree in kinesiology at UBC focusing on the modern science of pain and its application to yoga and somatic practices; a certificate in the multi-disciplinary pain management from the medical school at USP; 3 years professional training in Eutony somatic practice;  2 years university degree in Yoga. More information at