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Counsellor Cafe – Through the Looking Glass: Art Therapy & the Transplant Experience Members Only
March 21, 2019 Main Floor Lounge, 1246 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC, V8V 3B5 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM No cost. Open to BCACC members only

Region 2 Counsellor Café  – Victoria


Through the Looking Glass: Art Therapy & the Transplant Experience


Presented by Susanna Ruebsaat PhD, MA. BCATR, RCC

Where have you travelled in other people’s dreams?

Having a transplant is like climbing through a mirror into a world that sees beyond the reality we know as our own, beyond the self we normally identify with as “me.”

Just like our own reflection, everything in the post organ-transplant experience seems reversed: illness and health, life and death, self and other. Pondering what this world on the other side of a mirror is like, is a metaphoric exploration of our own mystery.

Daily we grapple with the inherent paradox of Self and “Other”; in relationships, dreams, and most importantly, within ourselves. We wonder where we wander in other people’s dreams at night; what roles we play in other people’s narrative.

Who is the “other” within, the Shadow figure we can only know through projection (such as images in art therapy).

What will be covered:

  • Presenting art therapy in light of organ transplants as a cellular experience of self/other.
  • Viewing art work that offered “guiding images” through the transplant experience.
  • Hearing the personal story of this journey of receiving other people’s DNA, people who had their own experience of life and death.
  • Being invited to imagine your own inner experience of the “other,” that mysterious part of you that lives in the unconscious that can spontaneously appear in simple mark-making (guided activity).
  • Discussing experiences of the insights and power the arising images offered and how these might deepen your relationship to the images within you, and those of your clients.
  • Questions and further discussion. Through the simple act of putting marks on paper you could, like Alice, step through the mirror of your own otherness and see reflections of the mystery that is you.


Session Information:

Date:          Thursday March 21, 2019
Time:         7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Address:    Main Floor Lounge, 1246 Fairfield Road, Victoria BC, V8V 3B5 (street parking available).

Cost:           No Cost. Open to BCACC members only. Light snacks will be provided.

Should you encounter a problem with registering please contact Janine Toombs at  for assistance.

About the Presenter:

Susanna Ruebsaat PhD, BCATR, RCC is a Jungian oriented art therapist, clinical counsellor and supervisor in Victoria and teaches group art therapy at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She has recently had her book “Mourning the Dream, Amor Fati, An Illustrated Mythopoetic Inquiry” published through Wipf and Stock Publishers.