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Four Reasons to Attend Wired Together: Self, Science, Society…and Three Reasons to Buy Early Bird Tickets!

Want to learn from world-renowned experts, get inspired by new perspectives, and connect with your peers all under one roof? Then you should join us this fall in Richmond, BC, for Wired Together: Self, Science, Society.

It’s our first conference in 10 years, and we are excited to bring together clinical counsellors and allied professionals for discussion and exchange of the most cutting-edge knowledge, insights, issues and ideas in the world of counselling therapy. The three streams of Self, Science and Society will feature exciting keynote speakers and breakout sessions.  It will connect the counsellor to the science of self-care and the mind/body connection. It will explore different forms of Somatic Psychotherapy and emerging and evidence-based practices with an emphasis on neuroscience and brain development. It will look at the connection of the counsellor to society at large and inform on working with various communities.

Sold yet? Here are four more reasons you should put Wired Together: Self, Science, Society on your calandar…and three reasons to buy those early bird tickets now!

  1. Learn from world-renowned mental health experts with experience in a diverse selection of topics.
    We’ve brought a wide range of educators, clinicians, and experts to Wired Together, such as Sharon Stanley and Vikki Reynolds (both of whom will be giving a keynote address). Curious about the science of self-care? Want to dive into the application of neuroscience in your practice? Wondering how to manage your technology? With a wide range of parallel sessions to participate in, there’s something for everyone. Check out the full program here.
  2. Connect with your peers.
    Counselling can be a lonely industry, especially for solo clinicians in private practice. We all know the value of face-to-face interaction with our peers to help us feel connected within our community. Wired Together promises to deliver connection and collaboration.
  3. Invest in yourself.
    The landscape of clinical counselling is ever evolving and Wired Together is the perfect place to get up to speed on emerging trends, issues and research. No matter how long you’ve been a mental health professional, there is always room to learn and grow, and you can expect to leave Wired Together with an abundance of both practical and theoretical tools to enhance your practice.
  4. Get inspired.
    Some of our best ideas and breakthroughs come when we are presented with new perspectives and frameworks. If you’ve been feeling the itch to reengage with your peers and deepen your clinical practice, you’ll find plenty of creative (and practical!) inspiration at Wired Together.

Sounds pretty good, huh? But what does buying early bird tickets mean for you?

  1. It might be obvious, but you’re getting your tickets at a bargain.
    Buying your tickets now means you get a sweet discount – you’ll save up to $75-$150 if you purchase before August 4, 2019.  All that learning at a discounted price? It’s a win-win!
  2. Early bird tickets guarantee your attendance.
    With a limited number of tickets available, buying your tickets at early bird pricing not only saves you money but guarantees your admission. You don’t want to wait and risk tickets selling out.
  3. Makes planning a breeze.
    It can be hard to carve out time for yourself, especially when it comes to professional development opportunities like attending a multi-day conference or workshop. By purchasing your early bird ticket now, you’re committing your time well in advance, making it easier for you to plan for your attendance (and maybe round up some colleagues to attend with!)

Ready to buy your tickets to Wired Together: Self, Science, Society? Click here now!

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