The following criteria are required to apply for a
membership with the BCACC:

  • 2. You have completed the counselling course requirements

      (e.g. counselling, clinical or educational psychology, pastoral counselling, child and youth care, marital and family counselling, clinical social work, psychiatric nursing, applied behavioural sciences) .

      What are the counselling course requirements?

      You have completed one course in each of six areas (four of the six must be graduate level)

      • Normal development & abnormal psychology
      • Counselling and personality theories
      • Group therapy theory & practice
      • Family therapy theory & practice
      • Basic research design
      • Ethics

      You must complete this requirement to make application to the BCACC. If a course title does not clearly indicate an affiliation to the category, please provide a course description with your application.

  • 3. You have had 100 hours of clinical supervision during or after your
    master’s program and can provide proof through clinical references.

      Who can I use as a supervisor?.

      To be acceptable to the Registration Committee, a “qualified professional” who provides the formal supervision required under bylaw 12(1)(f)iii must be a counselling professional who meets the following criteria:

      1. The supervisor was appointed, by a university acceptable to the Board, to supervise a practicum or internship in a master’s level counselling program.


      2. a) the supervisor is a registered member in good standing of a mental health profession that has third party accountability; OR

      b) the supervisor has provided evidence of advanced skills in clinical counselling acceptable to the Committee equal to or greater than those which apply to members of the Association; OR

      c) the supervisor holds a minimum of a master’s degree that is acceptable to the Board and would otherwise meet or exceed the Association’s membership requirement;


      d) the supervisor has a minimum of 5 years’ clinical experience as a practicing counsellor or equivalent relevant experience before being acceptable as a supervisor to the Registration Committee.

      How many references do I need?

      We require a minimum of two references from qualified mental health professionals who are familiar with your work. At least one referee must have supervised your clinical work. If you have your supervision hours met with one clinical reference, the second reference may be a colleague reference.

      What if my supervisor is unavailable?

      You must meet this requirement to make application for membership. If you are unable to access a reference from a former supervisor you will need to procure current supervision. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 1-800-909-6303 for further information.

      What kind of supervision?

      At least 25 of the supervised hours must be directly observed by a clinical supervisor. The clinical supervisor will witness clinical work in one or more of the following ways:

      • Direct observation of sessions
      • Review of video-taped sessions
      • Review of audio-taped sessions
      • Co-counselling
      • Co-facilitating

      The remaining 75 hours of clinical supervision may be comprised of:

      • Case consultation
      • Group supervision
      • File review
      • Case management

      Supervision which occurred prior to the start of the master’s program will not be considered. In addition, client contact hours will not be considered.

  • 8. Be prepared to pay our registrations costs:

      Application costs:

      • Application fee: $200.00 (incl. GST), one-time, non-refundable
      • Application materials: Your cost to order transcripts, letters of good standing, credential evaluation (if needed)

      Membership costs:

      • Criminal record check: Your cost to order a criminal record check needed to complete registration. You can complete your criminal record check through MyBackCheck.
      • Annual registered membership: $436.00 (incl. GST)
      • Insurance: If you are not covered through an employer, you will need to purchase insurance upon registration. BCACC’s insurance plan costs between $119 – $161 per year for professional liability.