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New Improvements to Member Health and Dental Benefits Plan

Did you know that we offer a robust Health and Dental Benefits Plan for our Members? Coverage you can afford and no medical questions on the Basic plan.

We are pleased to announce two new updates to the Plan:


1. Critical Illness can now be obtained without any medical requirements up to $50,000. This is a significant increase over the prior $25,000 plan. This important benefit increase still covers all of the life threatening 23 diseases that your existing benefit has – but now the coverage available has doubled. This means that regardless of your member’s family or personal health history, they can now get twice as much of this important benefit. Pre-existing diseases will still not be covered but will not prevent obtaining coverage for all of the other conditions. Cancer coverage has improved with the addition of the ‘recurrence clause’ that allows a cancer already suffered but in remission, to be again ‘covered’ under this plan (after 5 years in remission). This is a unique plan in the market and not available from any other carrier.

2. A Child Critical Illness rider of $10,000 for each child in a members family is now available. This can be obtained as an additional part of an adult critical illness plan purchased on the parent’s life and can be added on to existing CI coverage. Cost is an additional $6.00 per plan, regardless of the number of children covered in the family.


We invite you to download the information package and contact our Plan Representative,  Stephanie Ritchie.  You can call her at (778)533-4676 or email her at Stephanie can answer your questions and assist you with the enrollment process.