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Restoring Balance – A Personal Story

By Lydia Rozental, RCC


In my early forties, I found myself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically out of balance.  I was juggling many areas in my life and they all felt stressful, especially when I developed symptoms of extreme dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo and tinnitus in my inner ear. These attacks happened while I was in the middle of doing something like driving, working or even during a yoga pose. Initially, there seemed to be no rhyme nor reason for the dizzy spells. I felt totally out of control and at their mercy. I was forced to stop what I was doing at the time of the undesired ambush and sit still or lie on the floor while everything was spinning, inside and around me.

I looked immediately for outside help: GP, internal medicine specialist, MRI, reading about the disease and connecting with the Balance and Dizziness Association. Except for the relief of a specific diagnosis – Meniere’s disease*, not much rescue came my way.  I started looking outside of the conventional medical approach when I read its message to me as  “ learn to manage a chronic, therefore incurable disease”.

This, to me, meant “give up and resign yourself to long term suffering”, which went against my nature.

I approached a naturopathic doctor and went through a series of tests.  As a result, I began a very strict elimination diet. I was introduced to the world of organics and eventually, raw foods. These radical changes were initially difficult to introduce because they required the very things of which I was depleted;  the ability to adapt, the energy to research, flexibility, financial resources and time. But  I was desperate, this focus became my priority and so I took it on with rigour and determination. Many benefits became evident as this way of eating became part of my life; more energy, better digestion, a clearer mind and better flexibility in my joints.

About this time I began to engage with yoga with even more commitment; from once a week to two and then three times a week. I noticed additional benefits such as increased strength, agility and range of motion as well as energy, emotional stability and better sleep.

Here is in a nutshell what I learned:

To keep looking for help and not give up until I found what I needed.

That I could not always rely on help from outside myself to get better.

I had to look inside myself and trust my intuition and be proactive.

That help came from multiple sources.

There was not one thing along that could fix everything.

That only if I am receptive to what is possible, I can heal.



Lydia Rozental, RCC,  has lived, studied and practiced in different countries (including Romania, Israel, South Africa and Canada.) Her personal experiences with oppression and injustice paved the path into helping others find peace and integrity in their own lives.

For the past thirty five years, Lydia has been cultivating her passion for helping others by providing counselling services for individuals, couples and families. She is fascinated by the mind-body-soul connection, and every day she learns how to create inner peace. Connect with Lydia at